Dark Elf Teams

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPrimarySecondary
0-12Dark Elf Lineman70,000632+4+9+NoneAGS
0-2Assassin85,000732+5+8+Shadowing, StabAGPS
0-2Witch Elf110,000732+5+8+Dodge, Frenzy*, Jump UpAGPS

0-8 team re-rolls: 50,000 gold pieces each
Tier: 1
Special Rules: Elven Kingdoms League
Apothecary: YES

Available Inducements

0-4Temp Agency Cheerleaders20,000Blood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-3Part-Time Assistant Coaches20,000Blood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-1Weather Mage30,000Blood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-2Bloodweiser Kegs50,000Blood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-8Extra Team Training100,000Blood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-3Bribes100,000Blood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-2Wandering Apothecaries100,000Blood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-1Halfling Master Chef300,000Blood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-1Team Mascot30,000Death Zone (2021)
0-1Medicinal Unguent60,000Death Zone (2021)
0-1Side BetVariousDeath Zone (2021)
0-1Hecklers10,000See "League House Rules" for detailsLeague House Rules
0-1Josef Bugman100,000* - (In)Famous Coaching StaffBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-1Kari Coldsteel50,000* - (In)Famous Coaching StaffDeath Zone (2021)
0-1Galandril Silverwater40,000* - (In)Famous Coaching StaffDeath Zone (2021)
0-1Ayleen Andar100,000* - (In)Famous Coaching StaffDeath Zone (2021)
0-1Schielund Scharlitan90,000* - (In)Famous Coaching StaffDeath Zone (2021)
0-1Hireling Sports Wizard150,000** - WizardBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-1Druchii Sports Sorceress150,000** - WizardDeath Zone (2021)
0-1Asur High Mage150,000** - WizardDeath Zone (2021)
0-1Horatio X. Schottenheim, Master Mage80,000** - WizardDeath Zone (2021)
0-1Biased Referee120,000*** - Biased RefereeBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-1Jorm the Ogre120,000*** - Biased RefereeDeath Zone (2021)
0-1The Trundlefoot Triplets: Bungo, Filibert and Jeph80,000*** - Biased RefereeDeath Zone (2021)
UnlimitedMercenary PlayersVariousBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
0-2Star PlayersVariousBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
* = only 2 of the "(In)Famous Coaching Staff" type may be choosen
** = only 1 of the "Wizard" type may be choosen
*** = only 1 of the "Biased Referee" type may be choosen

Available Star Players

NameCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsSpecial RulesPlays ForSource
Akhorne the Squirrel80,000712+-6+Claws, Dauntless, Dodge, Frenzy*, Jump Up, Loner (4+)*, No Hands*, Sidestep, Stunty*, Titchy*Blind RageAny TeamWarhammer Community Downloads
Eldril Sidewinder230,000832+5+8+Catch, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Loner (4+)*, Nerves of Steel, On the BallMesmerizing DanceElven Kingdoms LeagueBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Gloriel Summerbloom150,000722+2+8+Accurate, Dodge, Loner (3+)*, Pass, Sidestep, Sure HandsShot to NothingElven Kingdoms LeagueBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Grak250,000554+4+10+Bone Head*, Kick Team-mate, Loner (4+)*, Mighty Blow (+1), Thick SkullTwo for One (Includes Crumbleberry)Any TeamBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Crumbleberry0523+6+7+Dodge, Loner (4+)*, Right Stuff*, Stunty*, Sure HandsTwo for One (Includes Grak)Any TeamBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Helmut Wulf140,000633+-9+Chainsaw*, Loner (4+)*, Pro, Secret Weapon*, Stand FirmOld ProAny TeamBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Morg 'n' Thorg380,000663+4+11+Block, Loner (4+)*, Mighty Blow (+1), Thick Skull, Throw Team-mateThe BallistaAny Team, but not for Sylvanian SpotlightBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Roxanna Darknail270,000831+4+8+Dodge, Frenzy*, Jump Up, Juggernaut, Leap, Loner (4+)*Burst of SpeedElven Kingdoms LeagueBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Lucient Swift340,000732+5+9+Block, Loner (4+)*, Mighty Blow (+1), TackleTwo for One (Includes Valen Swift)Elven Kingdoms LeagueBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Valen Swift0732+2+8+Accurate, Loner (4+)*, Nerves of Steel, Pass, Safe Pass, Sure HandsTwo for One (Includes Lucient Swift)Elven Kingdoms LeagueBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Willow Rosebark150,000543+6+9+Dauntless, Loner (4+)*, Sidestep, Thick SkullIndomitableElven Kingdoms LeagueBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)
Zolcath the Zoat230,000554+5+10+Disturbing Presence*, Juggernaut, Loner (4+)*, Mighty Blow (+1), Prehensile Tail, Regeneration, Sure Feet"Excuse Me, Are You A Zoat?"Lustrian Superleague, Elven Kingdoms LeagueBlood Bowl Offical Rules (2020)


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