2021-22 Season Edition.

Important changes are highlighted.

League Format

The SNBBL League consists of one or more divisions (depending on number of participating coaches) and runs for 10 (or more, max 12) two week rounds in which each coach plays against a coach in their own division (as per round robin) or an inter-divisional match against a randomly selected team from a rival division or are given a by-week if there are an odd number of coaches.

Teams are randomly placed in each division if there is more than one, however some care is taken to try to make the divisions balanced in team types and Tiers.

After all rounds (the regular season) are completed, the top 8 teams (determined by total league points, with number of wins followed TD’s followed by casualties being tie-breakers) are invited to the Finals to be played within a month after the end of the regular season. Any teams in the top 8 not able to attend are replaced with the next highest ranked teams. However, as the team did qualify for the Finals, they will be awarded (Dedicated Fans x 10,000gc) in compensation. The format of the Finals is a single elimination bracket seeded by total league points (1vs8, 3vs6, 2vs7, 4vs5).

League Management Site

The league management web site at is where all coach contact information, team rosters, scheduled matches and match reports are maintained.

Please make an effort to correctly and timely enter any information.

Occasionally, the site has been known to not work (due to self-hosting via DHCP, long story if you are not tech savvy), so it is recommended that you print your roster in preparation for matches well in advance and not leaving it until just before the match.

The league management software is new and may occasionally not work 100% accurately. If any deficiency/bug in the site is discovered it is up to the affected coach to inform the league commissioners ASAP so it can be addressed in a timely fashion.

Match Scheduling

Each round is 2 weeks in duration, starting on a Wednesday morning and ending at Midnight of the Tuesday before the start of the next round.

A listing of all round start/end dates and the matches to be played in each will be available on the league management web site.

It is up to each coach to schedule with their opponents an appropriate time and place to play each match. However, please see the "COVID Precautions/Advice" section below.

When a round starts close to the end of the calendar year, it will be extended to be longer than 2 weeks to include the holidays (Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Day). Please consult the schedule (when it is available) to confirm the length and end of such a round.

Forfeit/Concede Reporting

In the event that one coach is demonstratively at fault for a missed match or indicates that they willingly concede the match to their opponent, then the rules for Conceding (2-0) will be used. In the event that both coaches are mutually unable to schedule their match during a round then a Forfeit Draw (1-1) will be used. In both cases, winnings will be calculated by using fan attendance roles of 1 for both teams, with the winner of a conceded match getting the entire amount, splitting normally for a forfeit draw. Any other required rolls (MVP's, Dedicated Fans, Players Leaving, etc...) will be done by random roll by the Commissioner.

Demonstratively at fault includes (but is not limited to) not being in the city/province/country for the duration of the round and/or making no effort to contact/reply to your opponent. It is the duty of the Commissioner to investigate and their finding of fault on the part of either party is final. It is recommended that coaches who are having issues getting a hold of their opponent contact a Commissioner at the earliest they believe there may be an issue.

Under no circumstance are coaches to report forfeits/concedes unless an opponent concedes mid-match. Only commissioners may do so. Under no circumstances should coaches pressure or bully other coaches into playing matches at times or places that they are uncomfortable with. If you ever feel you are being unduly pressured, please contact a commissioner.

Allowed Teams

All teams listed in published GW supplements (The Official Rules (2020), the Teams of Legend PDF and Spike! Magazines issue #11+) are available for use in the league. Always use the most recent publication of a team roster.

Death Zone (2021)

The only content from this supplement currently approved for use in the league is "New Inducements" (pages 14 to 39). No other rules will be used.

Inducement: (0-5) Special Play Cards

These will not be in use for the league, neither the core deck(s) nor the team specific ones.

Inducement: (0-1) Hecklers

Restriction: Can only be purchased by the team that receives Petty Cash and must be paid for using Petty Cash.
Cost: 10,000gc
Effect: You may modify any Prayers to Nuffle roll made by you or your opponent by +/- 1 for the duration of the match.

Pre/Post Match Sequences

Step #5 of the Post Match Sequence "Expensive Mistakes" is to be done during the Pre Match Sequence as Step #0.

The Side Bet inducement is "purchased" between steps #4 and #5 of the Pre Match Sequence and thus does not alter your Team Value for the match.

Spike! Magazines

All content from issue #11 onwards is in use for the league except for Star Players listed as “Golden Era”. Issues #1 to #10 are no longer valid sources.

Errata & FAQ’s

All current Errata and FAQ documents on GW’s support site are in effect, and any updates to them come into effect immediately upon release.

League Code of Conduct

Please read the league's Code of Conduct and Expectations and be familiar with your responsibilities as a member of the SNBBL.

SNBBL Season’s End

If you wish to use your team in the next season, contact a Commissioner to assist in the steps required to re-buy your team in preparation for the next season. You are welcome to start a new team instead, but you should consider doing the re-buy regardless in case you wish to use the team in a future season.

COVID Precautions/Advice

Please take every effort to minimize your risk of exposure and help others in the league to do likewise! AS THE LEAGUE IS A PRIVATE ENTITY WE REQUIRE ALL PARTICIPANTS TO BE FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19. We strongly support every measure to end the pandemic. The following precautions/advice are the least we can do to keep each other safe and healthy. Work with your opponent to come to a reasonable level of comfort/safety for both. If issues arise please bring them to the attention of a Commissioner.

  • You must be fully vaccinated
  • Wash/sanitize your hands before the match begins
  • Wear a mask
  • Use an elbow-bump or a bow instead of a handshake
  • Do not handle your opponents models, dice or other accessories and use your own templates
  • If you are sick or experiencing symptoms please reschedule your game (some lee-way can and will be given around end-of-round timelines for this on a case by case basis, please inform a Commissioner if this comes up)
Annual League Rules Review

The above rules stand for the current season, and are reviewed annually during the off-season with consultation with all league members via the League Forums.

Final decision on the inclusion and wording of rules lies with the Head Commissioner who shall chose the fairest options/opinions.

Under extreme conditions (ie: abuse of rules as written, obvious mistakes, new GW releases, etc...) these rules may be changed mid-season, upon consultation with league members.