SNBBL Code of Conduct and Expectations

League Rules and Expectations

  1. As a member of the league, you represent the league and how others view it. Whenever you are playing a league match, you represent the league. Whether that be at Games Workshop or somewhere else, your actions give those who are not a part of the league an impression of what we are about. As such we ask that you behave in a manner that does not cast a poor light on the league as a whole.
  2. By signing up you are making a commitment that you will play out the season to its completion. The league is purposely run in a manner that should accommodate most people’s schedules (not run during the summer, matches are given two weeks to be played, leeway on scheduling matches around holidays and for emergencies (public health or otherwise), etc.), as such we ask that when you sign up that you are going to make time to play all your matches. We understand the unexpected does pop up that prevents this and we understand that, however we do ask that when you are signing up that you are making a commitment to play all your games if possible.
  3. The league is a part of the Scions of the North hobby club. We have no affiliation whatsoever with Games Workshop or any other establishment. As such we have our own designated individuals who are in charge of answering questions, dealing with issues, and handling the day to day workings of the league. Anything to do with the league that cannot be handled by the commissioners should be brought to the attention of the hobby club executive and not to the staff of any establishment you are using to host your game(s).
  4. Please obey all rules and policies. This ties in not only to following rules in this code of conduct, but in addition to those at whichever location that a league match is played at.
  5. Zero tolerance for cheating. This is a game for fun first and foremost. While the game has a competitive spirit and rewards better performance (winnings, skill points, etc.), there is no justification whatsoever for cheating. Anyone caught doing so will be banned from the league.

Player Rules and Expectations

  1. All players will treat each other with respect. While trash talk does tend to happen in a competitive setting quite a bit, please do remember your opponent is another human being and should be treated as you would wish to be treated yourself. This includes but is not limited to name calling, throwing of dice/models (even if they are your own), and going out of your way to purposely annoy your opponent.
  2. All players are expected to own or have ready access to the current rules and necessary equipment. The league will be run using the latest Blood Bowl boxed game rules (Second Season Edition, released 2020) as well as the Death Zone supplement and Spike! Magazines compatible with the current edition, along with some additional league house rules. Games played at Games Workshop Winnipeg must be played on official GW pitches using official GW models (conversions are allowed). 3rd party dice and counters are acceptable.
  3. All players should come prepared for their matches. Coming prepared to your match includes; models for your team, your most up to date roster, most current Blood Bowl rule book(s), and having all other necessary items to play the match (dice, pitch, etc.)
  4. Print your roster early. As is the case with technology, no matter how much we advance there will times where it is unavailable to us. As such, please print your most up to date roster for your match as soon as possible. DO NOT LEAVE IT TO THE DAY OF YOUR MATCH. The server that the team management site is on does have a tendency to go offline from time to time and as such you should get a copy of your most up to date roster as soon as possible well in advance of your next game.
  5. Scheduled matches will have a two week period to be played. All matches will follow a schedule for pre-determined time. If due to unforeseen circumstances that an extension is warranted the Commissioner staff will add time as needed. Matches begin on a Wednesday in the two week period and will end on the second Tuesday at midnight.
  6. Schedule your games in advance. Contact your opponent as soon as possible. Some people have very busy lives away from gaming and as such may not have as much time as you to arrange a time to play a match.
  7. Make sure you have enough time to play your match. While you have two weeks to arrange a time to play your game with your opponent, please make sure to arrange enough time to play the game out in its entirety. A typical Blood Bowl match can go for 2 to 2 ½ hours, please keep this in mind. Please account for travel, setup, and pack up time in addition to the actual play time required.
  8. Finished games must be reported as soon as possible. The deadline for reporting a match is the second Tuesday at midnight, the same as when a schedule match period ends. If a match is not reported by this time, the Commissioner staff will determine at random a forfeit. If you are unable to report a match before this deadline due to the site being down or other circumstances beyond your control, please inform the Commissioner staff via email or the forums. If no notification is given, a forfeit will be determined to continue the league along.
  9. Forfeits will be reported to the team management site by the Commissioner staff. To make sure that forfeits are reported properly for both consistency and impartialness, Commissioners will be the only ones who post up a forfeit report. This helps us maintain accuracy since Commissioners will investigate first to see if the forfeit is a valid one or not, and whether it is an "at-fault" concede or a forfeit draw.
  10. Players are expected to notify Commissioners if they are unable to play a match due to unforeseen circumstances as soon as possible. We all have lives. Some of us even have jobs that send us out of the city, province, or country from time to time. Some of us go on unexpected vacations. If you are not able to play a match or two, please notify the Commissioner staff as soon as possible so that we are aware of the situation. This helps us prevent players from being confused why their opponent is not responding, as well as helps us move the league along at its regular speed.
  11. Players are expected to have their team properly numbered. This is for accuracy for match reporting and for your opponent to not be confused during a match.
  12. Players are expected by the end of the season to have their team fully painted. We are not asking for showroom finished models, however we are asking that players take the time to properly finish their team to standard rules. These rules are at least three colors and the model based (whether that be with basing materials or paint is up to the player).

Commissioner Rules and Expectations

  1. Commissioners are expected to be impartial. Commissioners will do their best to learn all sides of the story in a dispute and resolve it in a manner that is fair to both parties according to the rules for the game and the league.
  2. Commissioners will answer questions to the best of their ability as time permits. While Commissioners are taking on added responsibility in making sure the league runs smoothly, we do have lives, jobs, and other activities that take up our time. As such Commissioners will do their best to answer questions, concerns, and issues as promptly as possible when available to do so.
  3. Commissioners are easiest to communicate to with via email. This is simply so we have a written copy to pass between each other so nothing is lost in translation. While we will listen to issues in person, we would very much prefer it via email instead.
  4. Commissioners will investigate issues to prevent problems from occurring. In order to be impartial and fair, Commissioners will look into issues from both sides of the situation so that a fair resolution can be accomplished. We ask for your cooperation while we ask all parties their side of the story in addition to any others who may be involved. This may take time, so we ask all involved to please be patient with the Commissioner staff as they resolve the issue in question.
  5. Commissioner ruling is final. If a Commissioner is brought in to make a judgment call on a rule, situation, or to end a dispute, their decision is final. Going to another Commissioner will not change the end result. If at a later time it is determined that the call was wrong, the previous still stands as that was the decision made at the time with the information provided.