Clar Karond Reavers (Retired)

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Clar Karond Reavers roster 

2Liron Deathheart
player avatarLineman
6348Block, Dodge1000316110k
3Gunkilas Fellaxe
player avatarLineman
6347Block-1 Av31010890k
4Cakhi Voidshard
player avatarLineman
6348Block, Dodge4001216110k
5Rarvin Pyreeye
player avatarLineman
6Natibe Shadowslayer
player avatarRunner
7347Dump-Off, Accurate, Nerves of Steel15001122120k
7Fasath Ashshard
player avatarRunner
7346Dump-Off, Accurate, Strong Arm-1 Av14001121130k
8Gargoril Gloomstalker
player avatarBlitzer
7348Block, Dodge, Tackle1401120140k
9Veval Flamefury
player avatarBlitzer
7348Block, Dodge, Tackle1402227140k
10Rirnash Nighthand
player avatarBlitzer
7358Block, Dodge, +1 Ag2504025160k
11Laurvat Dawnstriker
player avatarBlitzer
7348Block, Dodge, Leap1603025140k
13Celan Flamecaller
player avatarWitchelf
7347Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Juggernaut110106140k

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Team info and statistics
Coach afrovich
Race Dark Elf
League SNBBL
Ready No
TV 1630k
Treasury 150k
Apothecary Yes
Re-roll 3
Fan factor 6
Assistant Coach 0
Cheerleader 0

Played 12
WIN% 58.3%
ELO 218.05
W/L/D 6/4/2
W/L/D Streaks 3/1/2
Won tours 0
Latest tour 2017-18 Interdivision
Tours played 2017-18 Division A, 2017-18 Interdivision
Prizes None
Is famous No