Skull Breakerz

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Skull Breakerz roster 

player avatarBlack Orc Blocker
4429Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle0008331140k
player avatarBlack Orc Blocker
4429Block, Guard, Mighty Blow0008331140k
3ball rusha
player avatarBlitzer
6339Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Sure Hands, Catch01008361170k
4Git getta the 2nd
player avatarBlitzer
6349Block, +1 Ag120007120k
5Gitzog da Shiv
player avatarBlack Orc Blocker
6the ork with no name
player avatarBlitzer
6339Block, Guard1100214100k
player avatarBlitzer
6339Block, Guard, Mighty Blow0201218120k
9the other git
player avatarLineman
10squigface facebitter the 2nd
player avatarBlack Orc Blocker
11gud throwa
player avatarThrower
5338Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Safe Throw2101217110k
12git throwa
player avatarThrower
5338Sure Hands, Pass, Hail Mary Pass, Block, Kick19002233130k

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Team info and statistics
Coach mnhal_98
Race Orc
League SNBBL
Ready Yes
TV 1490k
Treasury 100k
Apothecary Yes
Re-roll 3
Fan factor 6
Assistant Coach 1
Cheerleader 1

Played 24
WIN% 45.8%
ELO 189.47
W/L/D 9/11/4
W/L/D Streaks 2/2/2
Won tours 0
Latest tour 2019-20 Regular Season
Tours played 2017-18 Division B, 2017-18 Interdivision, 2018-19 Regular Season, 2019-20 Regular Season
Prizes None
Is famous No