Version History


  • Added Inducements from Death Zone 2021


  • Fixed Journeymen in Team Roster (missing loner, could level up)


  • Added "Extra SPP" to roster view
  • Removed teams with no games played from Leaderboard
  • Implemented Star Player Match object
  • Added Star Player selectors to Match Report
  • Implemented saving/loading Star Player data for Match Reports
  • Update to design of Schedule page


  • Fixed match creation error
  • Added commissioner role check to league edit pages


  • Moved constants, site wide vars and rule settings to app vars
  • Default page updated
    • League/Team/Match News
    • Stat boxes (recent games, leaderboard, etc)
  • Implemented Stats object
  • Global font sizes reduced
  • Made pages generally available and made edit functionality only available to logged in users
  • Removed "mobile" master page, bootstrap handles that
  • Added custom error page
  • Added tab strips to Team View page
  • Cleaned up table css
  • Added "Printable" master page
  • Added "Printable" page
    • Can print clean Team Roster
  • Match Reports Updates
    • Cross-Page-Links
    • Form field types


  • Added "View Player" page
  • Implemented skill ups
  • Implemented Player and Team Abouts
  • Implemented Team News
  • Implemented Recent & Upcoming Matches


  • Reduced global font sizes
  • Adjusted table column labels
  • Fixed script reference for help pop-ups on Match Report page
  • Fixed historical report changes causing bad injury/TV changes


  • Implemented Season/Tournament/Match objects
  • Added "Commissioner" section
    • Implemented "Seasons" page
    • Implemented "Tournaments" page
    • Implemented "Match Scheduling" page
  • Implemented "View Tournaments/Matches" page
  • Implemented "View Match" page (ie: Match Report)
  • Implemented submission of Match Report
  • Added PlayerHelper object to segment out work so it can be used on multiple pages


  • Fixed some uri's due to sub-directory for site
  • Made alternate table rows darker (just for you Bill!)
  • Implemented Team objects
  • Implemented Player objects
  • Implemented "New Team" page
  • Implemented "View Teams" page
  • Implemented "View Team" page (WIP)
  • Implemented "Team Information" control (WIP)
  • Implemented "Team Management" control
  • Implemented "Commissioner Tools" control (WIP)
  • Fixed Hire Player and Buy Team Goods to restrict based on Max allowed.
  • Added list of League teams by race to bottom of "Roster" page for cross-lookups
  • Made sure Dedicated Fans does not impact TV/CTV
  • Prevented multi-submit by button click or page refreshes


  • Updated FavIcon
  • Implemented Skills objects
  • Entered Skills data
  • Implemented Races objects
  • Entered Races data
  • Implemented Positionals objects
  • Entered Positionals data
  • Implemented Star Players objects
  • Entered Star Players data (from BB2020 and Spike! #11 only)
  • Implemented Inducements objects
  • Entered Inducements data (from BB2020 and Spike #11 only)
  • Added "Rosters" page
  • Added StringHelpers for text validation on input/output
  • Cleaned up "Coach List" page
  • Added dropdown menus


  • Created project files
  • Added NuGet packages for MySQL
  • Created and attached database
  • Added basic Identity/Membership
  • Added GW disclaimer to site footer
  • Added Roles: Admin, Commissioner, Coach
  • Navbar changes
  • Added "League Info" page
  • Added "Version History" page
  • Updated "Home" page content
  • Updated Registration to require an invite code
  • Updated User Account Management pages
  • Updated Bootstrap version and fixed css references
  • Added "Coach List" page (must be logged in to view)

TO-DO List

  • Bring back Registration requiring validation by email
  • Bring back "Forgot Password" and "Password Reset" pages
  • Match Reports
    • Mercenaries
    • Raised Zombies/Rotters
    • Printable Version
    • Admin Resetting
  • Legacy inducements (2016 and pre-#11 Spike!) (if can be used?)
  • Fast team builder
  • Bounties
  • Prizes/Awards (by team, player)
  • Graveyard
  • Stats pages (team, player, coach, race, star)
  • Dark theme
  • Ability to elevate permissions by user instead of doing it by DB
  • ... and the ongoing battle of code cleanup and layout changes


A great many thanks goes to the original developers of OBBLM. As well as the NAFLM team for continuing support of it over the years.

However, times change, and though a lot of what this site does is based on their layouts and functional elements, I have taken it upon myself to re-write it mostly from scratch in ASP.NET and with the latest edition of the game rules in mind.