Heroes of Enroth

Map of Enroth

Heroes of Enroth is a 4e D&D campaign set in a point-of-light world of my own devising.

Campaign journals can be found in my livejournal. (This link uses the tag of "enroth" so it only shows tagged entries in my journal for the campaign.)

Map of Enroth

This is the map of the lands of Enroth, showing the natural boundaries of the vales. Each "city" marked on the map is the rough location of the seat of rulership for each vale, not all of which are actual cities. There are many small towns, villages and communities of farming and other industry scattered throughout.

Click on a location or section of the map for more information on that area or use the links below for easier navigation and items not on the map.

Other Things


Enroth is a land of "vales" and city states on the eastern coast of a continent. Once it was a colony of the great Erathian Empire but due to civil war and other matters the empire abandoned the rule of the colonies to regroup. That was many generations ago and it seems the empire either exists no more or is so distant and reduced that it's arm can no longer stretch this far. Still it is possible to find ancient Erathian stonework, in the form of ancient overgrown roads and ruined towers.

Bound by natural features on all sides, travel outside of Enroth is not easily done, though the trade houses of the city state of Midland do make annual caravans to the west over the World Spine Mountains and south beyond the Great Desert, as well as a few trade ships over the Dawn Sea.

Ice Wastes

Vast tundra covered by glaciers bound the northern edge of Enroth. Inhospitable and desolate, no people live here, though some rumours speak of terrible ice monsters...

World Spine Mountains

A range of impressively high mountains span from north to south on the western side of Enroth effectively preventing any expansion in that direction by any one. Though there are passes through the mountains to other lands, they are steep and treacherous, not to mention the giants and other high-altitude dwelling creatures.

The mountains are also home to some civilised races, though mostly in the lower altitudes. The Dwarves of Horgaard in the south, the Goliath tribes north of Grundia, and some Geleb-dur and Azers.

Great Desert

The southern end of Enroth bleeds into a great desert that stretches for leagues. The merchant caravan masters of Midland know of oasii hidden in the sands that make possible trade with exotic regions to the south, but small bands without proper supplies face only dehydration and death under the sun here.

Dawn Sea

The eastern shores of Enroth is the Dawn Sea. North of Belissaria the fishing is good, south "there be monsters".


Current Ruler: Lord Ashkore, Human
Lord Ashkore is a veteran of many campaigns. He clawed out his right to rule and settled the untamed wilds around his keep nearly single handedly. Or so anyone says. He's been around a while, having taken the seat at a fairly young age. Today, he is graying around the edges, but that doesn't stop him from having a commanding and inspiring presense. The man exudes confidence.

The People: (mixed races)
Ashkora is a fertile and prosperous vale. Farming, horticulture, timber and livestock are it's main trades. The people look to their Lord for protection and he supplies it in the form of armed patrols, halberd and crossbow. The people are taxed fairly to pay for the protection and have few wants.

Ashkora is not at war with anyone, not even Grundia. Due to it's location Ashkora is fairly defendable. Trade relations exist with Horgaard (food and wood for metals and coal) and Midland (food mostly for anything needed).


Current Ruler: Archduke Loring the Second, Human
A once proud leader now sits aged and alone on the throne of Pelham. His wife died in child-birth, his heir died unborn.

The People: (mostly human)
Pelham has a "celtic" feel about it. Here nature and druids are revered before gods. Sorcery is frowned upon if not hated and feared.

Peaceful enough.


Current Ruler: Lord Minroth, Half-elf
Born of the union between a barbarian warlord and an elven princess, this Scald-Lord rules a now mostly peaceful vale. He has *many* bastard children and no right heir, which could spell trouble in the future.

The People: (mixed races, mostly human and dwarf)
The humans of Estwann are decended from a barbarian culture that once pillaged the coastline but have now become more agrarian and sedate. They still hold many traditions in the form of festivals and rites of passage but for the most part have become a productive member of the vales of Enroth.

There is competition between Estwann and Belissaria over fishing in the Dawn Sea, but it is more of pride than sea battles.


Current Ruler: High-Chief Thar, Half-orc
Born of the brutal union of Orc and Woman, Thar is an impossing man-beast who's rise to power is soaked in the blood of his adversaries and paved with their bones.

The People: (most orc, some human, goliath and goblin)
Noone in Grundia goes anywhere without a weapon, not even the children. All industry is military in nature. Need food? Raid a neighboor. Need trade goods? Highjack a caravan.

Not good...


Current Ruler: Lady Arewyn, Eladrin
An ancient eladrin known to possess vast eldrich powers, she still holds on to her ethereal beauty but seldom is seen in public.

The People: (mostly fey origin)
Everyone and everything in Isolta is touched of the fey-wild. Turn a wrong corner and you could find yourself there! A land of mysterious magics, the city of Isolta quite literally floats above the river that splits the vale in two, it's silver, gold, ivory and marble towers can be seen from a great distance as a shimmer above the forests.

Grundia to the south wants it for it's treasures, Pelham to the north fears it for it's magic, everyone else thinks it a wonderful place to visit.


Current Ruler: Lord Elimundas, Elf
Elimundas is no more a lord than any other elf, he just happens to be more willing to deal with other races than the rest of the elves so he got the job. Still somewhat young for an elf, Elimundas tries his best to keep relations between Wendar and its neighboors reasonable and trade fruitful.

The People: (elves only)
The elves of Wendar are xenophobic almost as a whole. They guard the eaves of their forested lands against any non-elf. Noone from the outside has ever seen the interior so almost nothing is known of how they live, work or play. It is assumed they live in tree-houses, produce wooden goods and frolic all night long.

Wendar has a standing policy of "keep out". Most elves from Wendar detest the thought of having to speak to, let alone look at, other people. Elves not from Wendar are considered lesser relatives and are tolerated. The city of Wendar, on the northern border of the forest is populated by "contractors" and visitors of other races as well as the location of the Lord's House. Almost no elves, other than the Lord and his attendants, live in the city.


Current Ruler: Thane Horgran, Dwarf
Your typical dwarven lord, more interested in the profits of mining than actual rulership.

The People: (surface is mixed races, below ground 95% dwarves)
The "City Before The Gates" is home to many races, all tradesmen and workers doing what industry and services the dwarves don't care much to do themselves. The "City Behind The Gates" is mostly dwarves except for the few individuals that don't mind or must endure the living style of dwarves.

The dwarves of Horgaard are not xenophobic like the elves of Wendar, but they are guarded and extend friendship only where it is proven. Ashkora and Horgaard do significant trade and are as much of allies as can be.


Current Ruler: Lord Merot, Dragonborn
Merot is a hauty and over-confident leader and though he seems amiable in person, his policies meet out swift justice.

The People: (mostly dragonborn)
The area around the dragonborn city of Hest is made up of sandstone hills easily excavated. These hills house the dragonborn so they can "lair" much like real dragons do. There are some buildings and homes for other races, but some have taken to living in the sandstone hills as they keep cooler during the hotter parts of the summer.

In general good, but the laws of Hest seem to be becoming more and more overbearing and look to spell trouble in the future if they get tighter.


Current Ruler: Lady Eriadna, Tiefling
A Warlock of great power, and that power assures her rule. Eriadna is not only powerful but significantly beautiful, she is the "Helen of Troy" of Enroth.

The People: (mixed races)
Everyone native to Belissaria knows magic, even the children. Your lot in life here depends on how well you know it. Most citizens know a few cantrips, but in order to get ahead you need to study. Only the talented rise to power, and those born without magic may be shunned, or worse.

Belissaria is looked upon by everyone else as a "mystical" place and noone dares challenge them lest magical devistation befall them. Of course, the fishermen of Estwann ignore this good advice and encroach upon Belissaria's fishing lanes from time to time.

City State of Osserland

Current Ruler: Sigmund, High Priest of Bahamut, First Father of the Churchs of Osserland, Human

The People: (mixed races)
The city state of Osserland is populated by the pious. Almost everyone who is not a labourer in Osserland is a priest of some sort. Only the gods of Good and Neutrality are worshipped openly and have grand temples, though rumours speak of foul rites and dark shrines hidden beneath and in secret places around the city. But noone openly talks about them...


City State of Midland

Current Rulers:
Guildmaster Petrov, Head of the Guild Halls, City Councillor of Midland, Human
Baron Uthar of the Noble Trade Family Radescu, City Councillor of Midland, Human
Baroness Leena of the Noble Trade Family Binshae, City Councillor of Midland, Elf

The People: (mixed races)
The trade center of Enroth, Midland is also home to the guild halls and lesser noble houses of the vales. Most goods produced in the vales pass through the hands of the merchants of Midland before going to other vales in trade, unless other direct arrangements have been made (like Ashkora and Horgaard). Large caravans well supplied from Midland travel south across the Great Desert and west across the World Spine Mountains annually, as well as a small fleet of merchant ships over the Dawn Sea, and return with exotic goods from distant lands. If not for the merchants/diplomats of Midland the vales would all be at war with each other, and many people would starve or die from the changing of seasons. If something were to happen to Midland, Enroth would certainly be in great peril.

Good or at least neutral with all.

Player Characters

  • Brazash the Bronze, Dragonborn Warlord
    My people have witnessed Empires crumble, seas dry up and become sand filled wastes, and the very sun turn dark a thousand times over as the moon eats it's burning face; but I believe that I shall never be enthralled by anything as much as the sight of a well placed tree to hang myself from.
  • "Bunny", Goliath Warden
    description to follow...
  • Julian Comstock, Gnome Rogue
    Julian left his sleepy village at an early age, looking for entertainment and excitement in the shadows of the busy cities. He saw it as an opportunity to rub shoulders with the big people, and given the opportunity, to rub the noses of big egos. Though successful as a second-story man, it was his own ego that did him in, thinking he could snub the local thieves guild, a lesson in humility he learn the hard way when they framed him for some flashy crimes and arranged for him to be forgotten in some dreary jail cell. When an adventuring guild came along and offered to buy his freedom from the corrupt warden in return for him becoming a contracted rogue for them, he could hardly refuse. His skills may not be one-hundred-percent suited for the sort of work they send him out on, but they haven't failed him yet, and he hopes to survive long enough to honourably pay his debt, and return to a little filching of his own someday.
  • Oris, Deva Avenger
    At 6'5" and not powerfully built, Oris seems frail for his size. His skin is a deep blue, with his dark purple hair worn long. He maintains an inhuman stare from his glowing aqua eyes, as he judges those ready for the blessing of the Raven Queen. Rarely seen without his priestly vestments, and a simple silver chain with the image of the Raven Queen hanging about his neck, with head cowled and bowed in quiet contemplation. He's the image of a holy man on a pilgrimage. The only things setting him apart from that of a man of faith and peace is the Executioners axe strapped to his back and the small black wings that sprout from behind his shoulders.
  • Steven John, Human Sorcerer
    An orphan since he could remember, Steve has been just about everywhere someone can go in Enroth, and been thrown out of just about everywhere too. He was considered a failure in just about every profession that is a profession (and a few that aren't) until he tripped over an old skeleton in the foothills of the World Edge mountains and saw the body wearing a grotesque mask made of human skin. Enter John, who taught Steve the secrets of "taming" the forces of chaos to his whim.
  • Thorlief Skaldson, Human Fighter
    One of many children, Thorlief wished nothing more than to gain the approving eye of his father, a scald of import in the port city of Estwann. As a child, Thorlief learned to sail on the many fishing boats, catching food for the city and participating in the several rites of those who ply the waves, including the oft failed "race of ice". Of course, his fathers attention was elsewhere. Throughout his childhood, and into the early years of his adulthood, Thorlief paticipated in all the rites his society offered, failing in none, though he came close to death several times. As his years grew, so did his strengh and desire to please his father. However, the more he tried, the greather the distance between them seemed. Eventually, Thorlief left Estwaan, believing that the port city was to confined, and would not offer him the glory and recognition he so craved. Perhaps on the road, out in the wilds of Enroth, he will finally earn his place in the songs of the scald.

The Book

The first "quest" given to the party, though more of a "test", was to travel into the World Spine Mountains south of Ashkora to an ancient keep from the time of the Erathian Empire and retreive a book, bound in the hide of a rage drake.

The book has been found, no thanks to the kobolds and their "pets" that guarded it, and it has been returned to Lord Ashkore. He gripped it like a lost child and immediately went off to read it, leaving his chamberlain to collect the lord's share of mundane treasure the party found.

The adventurers were not above taking a look at the contents of the book themselves, having not been instructed otherwise, and were surprised to find it written in the Draconic script of Iokharic. Fortunately, several members of the party can read the script, including the gnome who has special glasses just for such an occasion!

The book it turns out is a history of a time just before the abandoning of Enroth by the Erathian Empire. In point form, it outlines the following: the coming to Enroth of a kin-band of elves, their desire to settle a particular woods, turns out a green dragon named Virrikai lives there, battles between the elves, empire and the dragon ensue, Virrikai is forced to flee, his lair is never found, no indication of where Virrikai went, elves settle peacefully, the end.

The Village of Hommlet

A quite village outside the border of Ashkora and far enough away from Osserland to be mostly left alone, except by the bandits that seem to be having their way with the local trade routes.

Following a rumour that two retiring adventurers who succeeded in slaying a green dragon are settling in the village, the party has become embroilled in the villages bandit troubles.

Whilst dealing with a bumbling Druid who can't gather his own herbs, town elders set against starting lynch mobs, spies in the village giving the bandits vital intel and a very timid (and currently terrified) acolyte, the party seems to be sorting the whole thing out...

Lord Ashkore's Agents

Nosh Pheno, Tiefling
The ever hungry "messenger" for Lord Ashkore, Nosh is constantly looking for something to chew as he makes his rounds from one end of Enroth to the other. Nosh was the one who found the adventurers and brought them to Lord Ashkore, though Nosh didn't think them the best choice they were what he was able to find, while eating a pie...

Elmo of Hommlet, Human
Elmo is a lumbering hulk of a human. The people of Hommlet see him more of a bumpkin that a hard working son of a local farmer. A good thing too, as that is only his cover. He's just one of many agents scattered throughout Enroth watching over the population and the troubles of the land.

Dugal McVey, Human
An accomplished ranger and woodsman of the vale of Pelham, Dugal keeps an eye out in the North of Enroth for Lord Ashkore. His current worries revolve around the fate of the Archduke who has taken ill and is expected to pass on any day and leave behind no heir or known successor.

The Puzzle Box

The second "quest" given to the adventurers by Lord Ashkore led the group to the swamp north of Hest. Lord Ashkore had won a puzzle box at an auction in Belissaria and it had been "stolen" by lizardfolk as it was being brought to Ashkora.

The party made their way into the swamp and beat back the lizardfolk and dealt with their "lizard king", a fen hydra, and secured the puzzle box itself.

Description: Almost a cube (a slight bit shy in the height) measuring 6" a side. Marked on each side with an Iokharic rune. The rules are for tundra (top), desert (bottom), mountain (left), ocean (right), plain (front), forest (back). The box is magically sealed as well as being a puzzle box (so physically sealed in some way as well) and whatever is in it is also significantly magical.

Ice Wastes World Spine Mountains Great Desert Dawn Sea Pelham Estwann Grundia Isolta Ashkora Wendar Horgaard Hest Belissaria City State of Midland City State of Osserland