Heroes of Enroth

Map of Enroth

Heroes of Enroth is a 4e D&D campaign set in a point-of-light world of my own devising.

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Map of Enroth

This is the map of the lands of Enroth, showing the natural boundaries of the vales. Each "city" marked on the map is the rough location of the seat of rulership for each vale, not all of which are actual cities. There are many small towns, villages and communities of farming and other industry scattered throughout.

Click on a location or section of the map for more information on that area or use the links below for easier navigation and items not on the map.

Other Things


Enroth is a land of "vales" and city states on the eastern coast of a continent. Once it was a colony of the great Erathian Empire but due to civil war and other matters the empire abandoned the rule of the colonies to regroup. That was many generations ago and it seems the empire either exists no more or is so distant and reduced that it's arm can no longer stretch this far. Still it is possible to find ancient Erathian stonework, in the form of ancient overgrown roads and ruined towers.

Bound by natural features on all sides, travel outside of Enroth is not easily done, though the trade houses of the city state of Midland do make annual caravans to the west over the World Spine Mountains and south beyond the Great Desert, as well as a few trade ships over the Dawn Sea.

Ice Wastes

Vast tundra covered by glaciers bound the northern edge of Enroth. Inhospitable and desolate, no people live here, though some rumours speak of terrible ice monsters...

World Spine Mountains

A range of impressively high mountains span from north to south on the western side of Enroth effectively preventing any expansion in that direction by any one. Though there are passes through the mountains to other lands, they are steep and treacherous, not to mention the giants and other high-altitude dwelling creatures.

The mountains are also home to some civilised races, though mostly in the lower altitudes. The Dwarves of Horgaard in the south, the Goliath tribes north of Grundia, and some Geleb-dur and Azers.

Great Desert

The southern end of Enroth bleeds into a great desert that stretches for leagues. The merchant caravan masters of Midland know of oasii hidden in the sands that make possible trade with exotic regions to the south, but small bands without proper supplies face only dehydration and death under the sun here.

Dawn Sea

The eastern shores of Enroth is the Dawn Sea. North of Belissaria the fishing is good, south "there be monsters".


Current Ruler: Lord Ashkore, Human
Lord Ashkore is a veteran of many campaigns. He clawed out his right to rule and settled the untamed wilds around his keep nearly single handedly. Or so anyone says. He's been around a while, having taken the seat at a fairly young age. Today, he is graying around the edges, but that doesn't stop him from having a commanding and inspiring presense. The man exudes confidence.

The People: (mixed races)
Ashkora is a fertile and prosperous vale. Farming, horticulture, timber and livestock are it's main trades. The people look to their Lord for protection and he supplies it in the form of armed patrols, halberd and crossbow. The people are taxed fairly to pay for the protection and have few wants.

Ashkora is not at war with anyone, not even Grundia. Due to it's location Ashkora is fairly defendable. Trade relations exist with Horgaard (food and wood for metals and coal) and Midland (food mostly for anything needed).


Current Ruler: Archduke Loring the Second, Human
A once proud leader now sits aged and alone on the throne of Pelham. His wife died in child-birth, his heir died unborn.

The People: (mostly human)
Pelham has a "celtic" feel about it. Here nature and druids are revered before gods. Sorcery is frowned upon if not hated and feared.

Peaceful enough.


Current Ruler: Lord Minroth, Half-elf
Born of the union between a barbarian warlord and an elven princess, this Scald-Lord rules a now mostly peaceful vale. He has *many* bastard children and no right heir, which could spell trouble in the future.

The People: (mixed races, mostly human and dwarf)
The humans of Estwann are decended from a barbarian culture that once pillaged the coastline but have now become more agrarian and sedate. They still hold many traditions in the form of festivals and rites of passage but for the most part have become a productive member of the vales of Enroth.

There is competition between Estwann and Belissaria over fishing in the Dawn Sea, but it is more of pride than sea battles.


Current Ruler: High-Chief Thar, Half-orc
Born of the brutal union of Orc and Woman, Thar is an impossing man-beast who's rise to power is soaked in the blood of his adversaries and paved with their bones.

The People: (most orc, some human, goliath and goblin)
Noone in Grundia goes anywhere without a weapon, not even the children. All industry is military in nature. Need food? Raid a neighboor. Need trade goods? Highjack a caravan.

Not good...


Current Ruler: Lady Arewyn, Eladrin
An ancient eladrin known to possess vast eldrich powers, she still holds on to her ethereal beauty but seldom is seen in public.

The People: (mostly fey origin)
Everyone and everything in Isolta is touched of the fey-wild. Turn a wrong corner and you could find yourself there! A land of mysterious magics, the city of Isolta quite literally floats above the river that splits the vale in two, it's silver, gold, ivory and marble towers can be seen from a great distance as a shimmer above the forests.

Grundia to the south wants it for it's treasures, Pelham to the north fears it for it's magic, everyone else thinks it a wonderful place to visit.


Current Ruler: Lord Elimundas, Elf
Elimundas is no more a lord than any other elf, he just happens to be more willing to deal with other races than the rest of the elves so he got the job. Still somewhat young for an elf, Elimundas tries his best to keep relations between Wendar and its neighboors reasonable and trade fruitful.

The People: (elves only)
The elves of Wendar are xenophobic almost as a whole. They guard the eaves of their forested lands against any non-elf. Noone from the outside has ever seen the interior so almost nothing is known of how they live, work or play. It is assumed they live in tree-houses, produce wooden goods and frolic all night long.

Wendar has a standing policy of "keep out". Most elves from Wendar detest the thought of having to speak to, let alone look at, other people. Elves not from Wendar are considered lesser relatives and are tolerated. The city of Wendar, on the northern border of the forest is populated by "contractors" and visitors of other races as well as the location of the Lord's House. Almost no elves, other than the Lord and his attendants, live in the city.


Current Ruler: Thane Horgran, Dwarf
Your typical dwarven lord, more interested in the profits of mining than actual rulership.

The People: (surface is mixed races, below ground 95% dwarves)
The "City Before The Gates" is home to many races, all tradesmen and workers doing what industry and services the dwarves don't care much to do themselves. The "City Behind The Gates" is mostly dwarves except for the few individuals that don't mind or must endure the living style of dwarves.

The dwarves of Horgaard are not xenophobic like the elves of Wendar, but they are guarded and extend friendship only where it is proven. Ashkora and Horgaard do significant trade and are as much of allies as can be.


Current Ruler: Lord Merot, Dragonborn
Merot is a hauty and over-confident leader and though he seems amiable in person, his policies meet out swift justice.

The People: (mostly dragonborn)
The area around the dragonborn city of Hest is made up of sandstone hills easily excavated. These hills house the dragonborn so they can "lair" much like real dragons do. There are some buildings and homes for other races, but some have taken to living in the sandstone hills as they keep cooler during the hotter parts of the summer.

In general good, but the laws of Hest seem to be becoming more and more overbearing and look to spell trouble in the future if they get tighter.


Current Ruler: Lady Eriadna, Tiefling
A Warlock of great power, and that power assures her rule. Eriadna is not only powerful but significantly beautiful, she is the "Helen of Troy" of Enroth.

The People: (mixed races)
Everyone native to Belissaria knows magic, even the children. Your lot in life here depends on how well you know it. Most citizens know a few cantrips, but in order to get ahead you need to study. Only the talented rise to power, and those born without magic may be shunned, or worse.

Belissaria is looked upon by everyone else as a "mystical" place and noone dares challenge them lest magical devistation befall them. Of course, the fishermen of Estwann ignore this good advice and encroach upon Belissaria's fishing lanes from time to time.

City State of Osserland

Current Ruler: Sigmund, High Priest of Bahamut, First Father of the Churchs of Osserland, Human

The People: (mixed races)
The city state of Osserland is populated by the pious. Almost everyone who is not a labourer in Osserland is a priest of some sort. Only the gods of Good and Neutrality are worshipped openly and have grand temples, though rumours speak of foul rites and dark shrines hidden beneath and in secret places around the city. But noone openly talks about them...


City State of Midland

Current Rulers:
Guildmaster Petrov, Head of the Guild Halls, City Councillor of Midland, Human
Baron Uthar of the Noble Trade Family Radescu, City Councillor of Midland, Human
Baroness Leena of the Noble Trade Family Binshae, City Councillor of Midland, Elf

The People: (mixed races)
The trade center of Enroth, Midland is also home to the guild halls and lesser noble houses of the vales. Most goods produced in the vales pass through the hands of the merchants of Midland before going to other vales in trade, unless other direct arrangements have been made (like Ashkora and Horgaard). Large caravans well supplied from Midland travel south across the Great Desert and west across the World Spine Mountains annually, as well as a small fleet of merchant ships over the Dawn Sea, and return with exotic goods from distant lands. If not for the merchants/diplomats of Midland the vales would all be at war with each other, and many people would starve or die from the changing of seasons. If something were to happen to Midland, Enroth would certainly be in great peril.

Good or at least neutral with all.

Player Characters

  • Brazash the Bronze, Dragonborn Warlord
    My people have witnessed Empires crumble, seas dry up and become sand filled wastes, and the very sun turn dark a thousand times over as the moon eats it's burning face; but I believe that I shall never be enthralled by anything as much as the sight of a well placed tree to hang myself from.
  • "Bunny", Goliath Warden
    description to follow...
  • Julian Comstock, Gnome Rogue
    Julian left his sleepy village at an early age, looking for entertainment and excitement in the shadows of the busy cities. He saw it as an opportunity to rub shoulders with the big people, and given the opportunity, to rub the noses of big egos. Though successful as a second-story man, it was his own ego that did him in, thinking he could snub the local thieves guild, a lesson in humility he learn the hard way when they framed him for some flashy crimes and arranged for him to be forgotten in some dreary jail cell. When an adventuring guild came along and offered to buy his freedom from the corrupt warden in return for him becoming a contracted rogue for them, he could hardly refuse. His skills may not be one-hundred-percent suited for the sort of work they send him out on, but they haven't failed him yet, and he hopes to survive long enough to honourably pay his debt, and return to a little filching of his own someday.
  • Oris, Deva Avenger
    At 6'5" and not powerfully built, Oris seems frail for his size. His skin is a deep blue, with his dark purple hair worn long. He maintains an inhuman stare from his glowing aqua eyes, as he judges those ready for the blessing of the Raven Queen. Rarely seen without his priestly vestments, and a simple silver chain with the image of the Raven Queen hanging about his neck, with head cowled and bowed in quiet contemplation. He's the image of a holy man on a pilgrimage. The only things setting him apart from that of a man of faith and peace is the Executioners axe strapped to his back and the small black wings that sprout from behind his shoulders.
  • Steven John, Human Sorcerer
    An orphan since he could remember, Steve has been just about everywhere someone can go in Enroth, and been thrown out of just about everywhere too. He was considered a failure in just about every profession that is a profession (and a few that aren't) until he tripped over an old skeleton in the foothills of the World Edge mountains and saw the body wearing a grotesque mask made of human skin. Enter John, who taught Steve the secrets of "taming" the forces of chaos to his whim.
  • Thorlief Skaldson, Human Fighter
    One of many children, Thorlief wished nothing more than to gain the approving eye of his father, a scald of import in the port city of Estwann. As a child, Thorlief learned to sail on the many fishing boats, catching food for the city and participating in the several rites of those who ply the waves, including the oft failed "race of ice". Of course, his fathers attention was elsewhere. Throughout his childhood, and into the early years of his adulthood, Thorlief paticipated in all the rites his society offered, failing in none, though he came close to death several times. As his years grew, so did his strengh and desire to please his father. However, the more he tried, the greather the distance between them seemed. Eventually, Thorlief left Estwaan, believing that the port city was to confined, and would not offer him the glory and recognition he so craved. Perhaps on the road, out in the wilds of Enroth, he will finally earn his place in the songs of the scald.

The Book

The first "quest" given to the party, though more of a "test", was to travel into the World Spine Mountains south of Ashkora to an ancient keep from the time of the Erathian Empire and retreive a book, bound in the hide of a rage drake.

The book has been found, no thanks to the kobolds and their "pets" that guarded it, and it has been returned to Lord Ashkore. He gripped it like a lost child and immediately went off to read it, leaving his chamberlain to collect the lord's share of mundane treasure the party found.

The adventurers were not above taking a look at the contents of the book themselves, having not been instructed otherwise, and were surprised to find it written in the Draconic script of Iokharic. Fortunately, several members of the party can read the script, including the gnome who has special glasses just for such an occasion!

The book it turns out is a history of a time just before the abandoning of Enroth by the Erathian Empire. In point form, it outlines the following: the coming to Enroth of a kin-band of elves, their desire to settle a particular woods, turns out a green dragon named Virrikai lives there, battles between the elves, empire and the dragon ensue, Virrikai is forced to flee, his lair is never found, no indication of where Virrikai went, elves settle peacefully, the end.

The Village of Hommlet

A quite village outside the border of Ashkora and far enough away from Osserland to be mostly left alone, except by the bandits that seem to be having their way with the local trade routes.

Following a rumour that two retiring adventurers who succeeded in slaying a green dragon are settling in the village, the party has become embroilled in the villages bandit troubles.

Whilst dealing with a bumbling Druid who can't gather his own herbs, town elders set against starting lynch mobs, spies in the village giving the bandits vital intel and a very timid (and currently terrified) acolyte, the party seems to be sorting the whole thing out...

Lord Ashkore's Agents

Nosh Pheno, Tiefling
The ever hungry "messenger" for Lord Ashkore, Nosh is constantly looking for something to chew as he makes his rounds from one end of Enroth to the other. Nosh was the one who found the adventurers and brought them to Lord Ashkore, though Nosh didn't think them the best choice they were what he was able to find, while eating a pie...

Elmo of Hommlet, Human
Elmo is a lumbering hulk of a human. The people of Hommlet see him more of a bumpkin that a hard working son of a local farmer. A good thing too, as that is only his cover. He's just one of many agents scattered throughout Enroth watching over the population and the troubles of the land.

Dugal McVey, Human
An accomplished ranger and woodsman of the vale of Pelham, Dugal keeps an eye out in the North of Enroth for Lord Ashkore. His current worries revolve around the fate of the Archduke who has taken ill and is expected to pass on any day and leave behind no heir or known successor.

The Puzzle Box

The second "quest" given to the adventurers by Lord Ashkore led the group to the swamp north of Hest. Lord Ashkore had won a puzzle box at an auction in Belissaria and it had been "stolen" by lizardfolk as it was being brought to Ashkora.

The party made their way into the swamp and beat back the lizardfolk and dealt with their "lizard king", a fen hydra, and secured the puzzle box itself.

Description: Almost a cube (a slight bit shy in the height) measuring 6" a side. Marked on each side with an Iokharic rune. The rules are for tundra (top), desert (bottom), mountain (left), ocean (right), plain (front), forest (back). The box is magically sealed as well as being a puzzle box (so physically sealed in some way as well) and whatever is in it is also significantly magical.

Heros of Enroth - Session #1

Cast of Characters:

  • Brazash the Bronze, Dragonborn Warlord
  • "Bunny", Goliath Warden
  • Julian Comstock, Gnome Rogue
  • Oris, Deva Avenger
  • Thorlief Skaldson, Human Fighter
  • Steven John, Human Sorcerer

From the Journal of Nosh Pheno, Tiefling Agent

Having been informed by myself, as an agent of Lord Ashkore that he wished to see them, the ragtag band of adventurers hurried off to meet with him. A brief skirmish with a group of kruthik waylaid them but they were handled easily, the group being experienced in combat after a fashion. This was a good chance to see what they were all made of. I am not sold on them as yet, but my lord assures me they are who he wants.

My lord met with them and set out his terms. They have the use of his keep and its stores, access to his agents across the lands and access to mounts and other aid if he is able in exchange for the prompt completion of the tasks he sets them and a full quarter of any treasure they find. It baffles me how they accepted so readily. They didn't even try to barter the share down, I thought for sure the dragonborn would have when he asked for a private audience... I'm sure he wanted to do so away from the goliath and the sorcerer, both appear to be quite mad. But no, he only pointed out the fears I already expressed in my lords choice of a patronable party.

So off they went to the ancient Erathian keep in the mountains. How my lord found out about its existance I do not know, or of what it held. Perhaps the dwarves told him of it, but when I scouted it two months prior and found it crawling with kobolds I assumed my lord would send some of his guard to deal with them. But no, he asked me to find a group willing to take on the job. So I did. And now I watch as they storm the place. Clumsy. That's all I have to say. But they made it in and from the sounds of it they are clearing the place room by room... not much more for me than to wait for them to come out again.

Maybe I'll get lucky and find a rabbit for lunch.

Heroes of Enroth - Session #2

Day 6 - the Road of our Lord Ashkore's Quest.

We have retreived the book, but not with ease. The kobolds were easy enough to deal with, except their leader. Some sort of mage, it commanded fire and had vestigal wings that allowed it clumsy flight. But still, it was no match or the efforts of Julian, a large amount of bravery packed into such a small body. Commendable.

The pets of the kobolds however were a greater worry. I have never before encountered an abomination like the sphere of eyes. "Beholder" I think is what StevenJohn called it, but whether I believe him is another matter. His running off and nearly getting himself killed will catch up to him one of these days. Two of the kobolds nearly did him in. The strange beetles that spew fire certainly did not help!

My body is wracked with pain, and the wound in my neck festers from the bite of the "midden-beast". It grabbed me with a tentacle and pulled me to it's maw with strength I could not deny whilst the kobolds rushed my "allies". Oris faired no better when he tried to help me, but only I was bitten. This infection weakens me and I hope we find a healer before I perish.

I hope this book is worth the threat of the loss of my life. Bound in the red scaly hide of a rage-drake was the description we were given, and so it is. But the fact that it is written in Iockaric in the tongue of Dragons was not told to us. With the three day journey back to Lord Ashkore's keep, those of us who can read it have thumbed through it, though the throb of pain in my wound prevents me from gleaning any insight into why Lord Ashkore wants it. It is a history book, telling of days long gone and of a campaign to rid a forest of a green dragon by the name of Virrikai. Interesting, but not useful.

~~Brazash the Bronze~~

Kory: Yep, Brazash has contracted "Filth Fever", and you'll need to make an endurance check next game, or find a healer. :P The party has leveled up and returned the book to Lord Ashkore successfully. Lord Ashkore seems to have been very pleased you succeeded and took the book possessively and wandered off, presumably to read the thing himself, leaving his chamberlain to collect the 25% due (400gp, leaving 1200gp for the party along with a couple magic items).

Kazu: Bunny performed admirably, as always, though it was close with the kobolds at one point. His ability to sprout plants out of the ground in a Burst 3 to provide cover for allies really helped against the Beholder (yeah, it was, and you missed it!).

Heroes of Enroth - Session #3

~~ Excerpts of Ledger for the 28th day of Falmont in the 1648th year ~~
...a group of four mercenaries staying at the Homeland Inn, gnome, goliath, deva, human...
...mercenaries mentioned earlier entered sewers and were detained by members and charged nominal fee (50 pieces)...
...mercenaries mentioned earlier requested assistance in job on Iounian Warehouse, charged 63 pieces for secure route in sewers to nearby access and return, rest of job up to them...

~~ Excerpt of Ledger for the 29th day of Falmont in the 1648th year ~~
...mercenaries from yesterday left city...
...commotion at Iounian Warehouse, one clerk taken by guards to prison...

Heroes of Enroth - Session #4

Really? Come on Nosh, ya coulda done better! Ok, maybe the dragonborn, the deva and the norseman, but the other three gotta go. Ah well, not my job.

So they wandered into Hommlett and started raising quite the stink. Sure, we have bandit problems here, but Rufus and Burne were going to sick their Badgers on 'em sooner than later, once the other elders got over their "no linch-mob" kick. If I were a bandit I'd be holed up in the moat house fer sure, just go in there, find their leader and deal with him.

And these guys? They have an ok plan. Get some of them out in the open, knock some heads, thin down the crowd in the moat house first. I don't mind sittin on the hill here watching the town for "suspicious" activities. I do that anyways.

Now, if I were these guys, I'd hurry up over to the moat house and finish em up before they can call in some more friends from up north. Last thing we need is some of those Grundians getting into the action.

~ Elmo

Heroes of Enroth - Session #5

Drex stretched his back musles with a nondiscrete yawn as he moved from his position leaning against the wall and approached his master who had just finished a scrying ritual. "Ssso? Who are they?"

Lareth wheeled to face his underling with that half-smile half-sneer Drex found quite disconcerting. "Adventurers. Probably hired by the village elders. The fools! They've killed my pets! Immel and his bandits were no use either, and Lugbash that dullard just let them kill him!" He turned back to his arcane books and things, stuff Drex knew nothing about and didn't want to know. "Still, we have time to prepare before they get here... and you have some surprises for them along the way, yes?"

Drex started to turn to leave to prepare the others as Lareth waved him away.

"They cannot stop me, they must not! But I have the advantage, yes... Lareth the Beautiful cannot be stopped!"

The mad cultists laughter echoed through the underground halls and the various humanoids and "other things" that dwelled there shuddered uncomfortably...

Heroes of Enroth - Session #6

Meanwhile back at the Inn...

The purple cloaked man sauntered into the room and quickly scanned it and nodded to Elmo sitting at his usual table. Then with the swagger of a well-travelled man he approached the bar and ordered a whiskey and a beer.

"Sorry sir, we done got no whiskey. The blasted bandits keep stealing it!" replied the inn-keeper, his expression of annoyance and shame evident on his portly face. "The beer is two copper."

Elmo rose from his seat and made his way into a private room as the stranger nodded to the inn-keeper and fished two coins from under his cloak. He took his drink and headed to the room Elmo just entered as if he belonged there. Once behind the closed door the stranger removed his hood to reveal the curved horns and almond eyes of his Tiefling heritage.

"So, Nosh, what news do you bring?" Elmo asked as he motioned for the other to sit and took a draw from his mug.

"Well now, right to business, eh? Can't even let a fellow get comfortable?" Nosh produced a rucksack from under his cloak and hung the cloak on a chair. He plunked his mug on the table and began fishing out some choice items from his pack. Some jerky, a pipe and a pouch of tobacco.

Elmo took another draw from his mug as he waited for the Tiefling to get settled in.

"Well, there's more work for the lads when they finish up here. Where are they anyways?" Nosh turned to the door as if expecting at least the gnome to pop in.

"They've been gone most of the day to the moat-house. Apparently there might be more to the bandits than anyone thought."

"Ah, well then, if they aren't back by the time I leave, give them this and tell them to hurry up about it and to meet me in Midland when they can." Nosh fished out a piece of paper and charcoal from his sack and quickly wrote out a letter and handed it to Elmo.

"Will do" was the farmer-agents reply.

Nosh packed and lit his pipe and reclined in his chair blowing out a stream of blue smoke. "Has word reached this far south about Archduke Loring?" When Elmo shook his head Nosh continued, "turns out he's fallen quite ill. To be expected really, he is getting on in age, and he aged quite a bit when his wife and child-to-be died." Nosh shook his head feigning some sorrow, "an the rumours say he's getting worse daily. Matter of time really."

"So who will succeed him then?"

Nosh pointed his pipe at the human, "that's the thing. There's no good choice there. No heirs, no castellan, no one want's the robber-baron what's his name, and the druid's aren't talkin'."

"Sounds like trouble. What's Dugal got to say 'bout it?"

Nosh stiffled a laugh but his upturned smirk and gleaming eyes told Elmo what Nosh was about to say, "Who do you think told me?"

Elmo sighed and leaned back in his chair and took another draw from his mug. The two sat in companionable silence for a while and after a few more mugs of beer, and some more light conversation Nosh took his leave and left the Inn as dusk arrived...

Heroes of Enroth - Session #7

Sorry, no "story" report this time. But to sum up last session:

The party made it's way into the lair of Lareth the Beautiful where a dozen humans backed up by a dragonborn (Drex) stalled them in a massive melee. Halberd's are awesome! With Bunny and Thorlief both spending a few turns standing up from prone and not doing much else and StevenJohn Thunderleaping into trouble, Lareth himself made his appearance and promptly put the sorcerer down. Brazash was within range to save StevenJohn but left him unconcious on the floor (for everyone's safety!) and the rest of the party slowly made progress against the mass of men-at-arms. Thorlief bloodied Lareth, which made the evil cultist focus his efforts on the warrior, but it was Julian who once again kill-stealed the day.

Once back in Hommlet they (not in any particular order) reported in with Elmo (and handed over Lord Ashkore's share), found the "spies" at the general store had fled town, got the letter from Nosh, informed the town elder and got paid, heard the rumours from Pelham and Oris made a couple magic items. A couple days of recuperation and the next session will start with tracking down the Lizard Folk...

Nosh's letter:

"Adventurers, once you are done here in Hommlet, there's a job that needs doing. Lord Ashkore paid a pretty penny for a puzzle box being auctioned off in Belissaria. It was being brought by boat to the mainland and made it as far as the road from Hest to Osserland. Unfortunately the convoy it was with was attacked by Lizard Folk from the swamps. Lord Ashkore wants it found. The Lizard Folk aren't going anywhere so you can take your time, but don't take too much. I'll be in Midland for the next couple weeks, bring the box to me at the Wayfarer's Rest in the foreign quarter. I'll get it to Lord Ashkore from there."

Heroes of Enroth - Session #8

Point form, sorry no story time again... maybe next time.

  • Party was suspicious of the "task" to get the puzzle box, but followed through with it anyways
  • Skill Challenge was not as well thought out or executed as I had hoped, but it worked well enough. Bunny's +18??? to Nature blew away the DC18 Nature checks... sigh. I'm begining to think the skill difficulties need tweeking.
  • Lizardfolk encounter #1 was easily handled, but encounter #2 provided more challenge and nearly bested the party. Gotta love crocodiles and reach 2 brutes!
  • Fen Hydra once again proved to me that there is significant room for improvement in the 4e solo monster encounter rules. I'll look into that "Monster Parts" article again for next time. Or go with lower level solos with some artillery/skirmisher helpers. :D
  • The puzzle box was secured along with some other loot. Now off to Midland to meet up with Nosh...

The Puzzle Box

Description: Almost a cube (a slight bit shy in the height) measuring 6" a side. Marked on each side with an Iokharic rune. The rules are for tundra (top), desert (bottom), mountain (left), ocean (right), plain (front), forest (back). The box is magically sealed as well as being a puzzle box (so physically sealed in some way as well) and whatever is in it is also significantly magical.

Heroes of Enroth - Session #9

After securing the puzzle box and finding their way back out of the swamp our "heroes" travelled north towards Midland to deliver the curio to Nosh. They discussed what they have been asked to do so far and have come to the conclusion that the box and the book are related some how, both seeming to be of dragon origins. A den of gnolls was encountered and the filthy beasts put down lest they trouble the local villages.

Meanwhile, far to the south on a trade route through the Great Desert, a sandstorm finally abates leaving only one survivor. The rest of the caravan lies in ruins, it's drivers and guards torn assunder. A great raspy voice as of sand grinding between stones echos in the survivors ears, "Go, tell your people that this is my last warning. War is come. Qumandas rises..."

Dun dun dun!

Heroes of Enroth - Session #10

The rest of the journey to the City State of Midland was uneventful, but upon arriving it was clear that tensions in the vales were rising. Dragonborn were looked down upon for their home of Hest's lack of trade and negotiation... something was going on there... Several shops that sold goods from the distant lands to the south beyond the Great Desert were either in very short supply or closed outright.

The puzzle box was delivered to Nosh at the inn along with Lord Ashkore's share and Nosh left the city polymorphed into a raven, a good way to keep the box safe and out of harms way for the rest of it's journey.

Julian was contacted by his "former" guild mates, and requested that he finish the job he had started. Meanwhile the others split up in order to take care of some money-changing, shopping and research at the library.

Oris found in the library a tome entitled "The Dragon Wars: 512-515; volume 2 of 3" by Asterius Lanshan, but because the book was locked and the librarians did not have the key he returned to the inn to fetch the others so Julian could try unlocking it. However, when the rogue was successful it was found that every page was blank, save two. The first caused an illusionary image of an Eladrin who stated, "So, you went and stole from my library. Here's your reward." and the second page summoned three Abaishi, pseudo-demons of Tiamat. The fight was long and hard, not less so because the party was forced to leave their weapons with the librarians, but Julian and Oris were fast on their feet in retreiving them and the foul creatures were dispatched.

StevenJohn, the traveller that he is, recognized the Eladrin that appeared as Elidril Ne'erthal, a resident of Isolta and sage of sorts.

Julian then recruited the party to help with his "job" to steal a jewelry box from a lesser noble-traders house. They succeeded and when the box was presented to the guild they only took one pendant, of some unknown use to them, and left the rest in the possession of the party. After which it was decided that they get out of town before the local guards started asking questions...

So on to Isolta in search of knowledge...

Heroes of Enroth - Session #11

Point form, 'cus it's a holiday monday and I'm lazy... :P

  • Brazash has been experiencing headaches for a little more than a week and they have been getting steadily stronger and woke him up one night from a "nightmare" in which he was surrounded by swirling sand and heard the name "Qumandias".
  • Upon arriving in Isolta, the fey city, the party was shocked by two things, the sheer opulance and wealth displayed everywhere in the marble/gold/silver and other precious materials the city was made of, and second by the ease with which they were able to complete their errands...
  • After leaving a message with Elindril's "butler" that they wished to meet with him they settled in at the World Serpent Inn for the night and the next morning Elindril arrived and at their request recounted the contents of the "Dragon Wars" (see bellow).
  • Some heated discussion on their next move (fight dragons? rescue heroes from the past? help Duke Loring of Pelham? run!?) and then a quick shopping trip.
  • Then they encountered a gnome who implored them to follow him, "You know not what danger you are in! Quickly, follow me and save yourselves!" and so they did and were tricked into a portal to the Feywild where they were promptly arrested for being non-fey!
  • The gnome helped them escape and they made tracks out of the city with the gnomes advice to seek out the Grey Man, a fey spirit of wandering and lost places, also a some-times servant of the Raven Queen by bringing back the souls of those who have died lost in the wild places of the world.
  • Then the party got "ambushed" by spriggans/red capps that gave the party quite some trouble!

That's it for that... here's the copy of Elindril's speech-ifiying...

The Dragon Wars: 512-515

As recounted by Elindril Ne’erthal, Eladrin Sage of Isolta

The three books are in fact transliterations of an old Pelham tome. They had their own language but it has been lost mostly to obscurity over a thousand years of slow disuse. I can save you the trouble of reading them, but alas, names were either omitted or poorly translated...

Before the settlers of the expanding Erathian Empire came to these lands there were few peoples. The ancestors of the Pelham were the only humans, but many mountain dwelling demi-humans also existed. So these early people lived far in the north of the land, or sparsely in the mountains, and because of this they stayed clear of the perils that the Erathians unwittingly brought upon themselves in the early years of their colonization.

The books tell of the peaceful settling of a port that I imagine is now the City State of Midland and the agrarian settlements around it, but it did not take long for the Erathians to show their greed for more land and their expansionism. Seeing all of what was to the south as empty and ripe for their needs they pushed ever inland and south. The Kingdom of Pelham, for it was more in those days, tried to warn the settlers, but they did not themselves know the true nature of the danger, it being something ingrained in their verbal heritage and so lost in time to even themselves.

Some elves that came with the Erathian settlers set their eyes on the forest that now I imagine is Wendar. However, it was already the home to “The Vile Mist”, a forest dragon. It had control over the creatures and plants and its magic was greater and in place far longer than the elves and so they were driven out. The attempt however apparently enraged “The Vile Mist” as it sent its minions out to attack anything that came near the forest. As if this was not a terrible misfortune enough, the humans moving south discovered a land of sandstone hills north of the Great Desert, which I imagine is Hest, as the books tell of “Lizard Men” living there who attacked the humans in the name of their master, “The Sand Walker”, a desert dragon of some sort.

And so, beset on two fronts by two dragons and with no real army to speak of the Erathian settlers appeared to have gotten themselves into quite the mess. However, it was at this time with the forest beasts and the lizard men attacking any settlements they came across and sparing none, that six heroes appeared and nearly defeated the two dragons.

One came from the north, from the Ice Wastes, and I presume was an Estwannian ancestor by the description. Another from the mountains, probably a dwarf. An elf and a human from amongst the settlers and another human from Pelham. The last of the six was one of the Lizard Men who had managed to free himself from the grasp of “The Sand Walker”.

They battled the minions and servants of the two dragons and, here’s the good bit, met a third! “The Red Talon”, a mountain dragon, but fortune was with the heroes for this dragon was young and impressionable, but strong and quick. They befriended it and it fought alongside them and turned its ways to lawful. It helped them remove “The Vile Mist” from the forest but it escaped its doom. It helped them remove “The Sand Walker” from the sandstone hills and free the Lizard Men. But what was to be a happy ending turned sour.

None would have thought the desert dragon and the forest dragon would join forces, but faced with the heroes and the mountain dragon, who could deny the need? As peace and hope began to rise in the land the mountain dragon left to return to its lair and perhaps to find others of its kind it could show the path of law to. It was then that the two enemies sprung their trap on the heroes and captured them, stole their powers and sealed them away. But the price must have been great that the dragons paid to power their plot for they retreated and nothing has been heard of them since.

It seems more a fairy tale than true history I admit, but that is what was written, or at least what was translated.

Heroes of Enroth - Session #12

The fire crackled as the short figure entered the room, startling him and drawing an "eep" out of his small frame.

"Are you so scared of me, little one?" the cat like voice called from the plush chair near the fireplace. "Come, tell me what you know and I will release you from my service."

The gnome padded quietly over to the eladrin he had grudgingly served, "Yes, master Elindil. I led them to the feywild as you asked, but they foolishly allowed themselves to be captured. I had to bust them out, which took some doing."

Elindil smilled at the look of mixed dissatisfaction, pride and annoyance on the gnome's face.

"They found the Grey Man easily enough and he set them tasks. They bested Old Man Bone and the sword was destroyed. They saved my ailing uncle but nearly drowned the city." The gnome snears at this one. "Then the Grey Man asked them to kill him!"

At the mention of the last Elindil stiffens, "but he did not die, they just removed his head..." Elindil's posture softens but there is still concern in his eyes, "and where the portal he made them sent them I do not know, but their steeds are no longer in the stables."

Elindil sat and thought for a moment before replying, "well, no help for that I suppose. And now I release you from your bond," and with a snap of the eladrin's fingers the chain about the gnome's neck breaks and falls to the floor. "Pray I do not catch you invading my home again."

The gnome bows and beats a quick backstep away from the necklace and out the door.

Elindil sat a moment longer in thought, then to himself says, "So, what shall you do now that they march upon your patron?"

Heroes of Enroth - Session #13

And so, after having a ~miserable~ time in the feywild, our adventurer's find themselves flung into the near future... well, 4 or 5 months at most. This would not have been too bad if it were not for the fact that it seemed to be enough time for the army of Hest to invade and capture Ashkora and, if the rumours hold true, kill its Lord.

Dire news indeed!

However, more dire is the news Nosh now imparts to the group...

"Thanks for the rescue mates. I can't believe I was stupid enough to let my appetite get the better of me! So where have you guys been? I looked for ya but yer trail ran cold in Isolta..."

(the group explains where they have been...)

"Really? The Feywild? Been there a couple times myself. Nice to visit and all, but yeah, you know how it is having been there yourselves I suppose. Back on topic, these Hest regulars stormed in with a winter storm. Took our men by surprise and killed or captured the lot. Lot of civilian casualties too. I was at the keep when it happened and barely got out with my life. I watched as they butchered Lord Ashkore and mounted his head on a pike. Not pretty, not nice and threw my appetite off for a week! The 'borns been tracking me ever since. Most of the army has moved out and is camped on the other side of Osserland and more troops from Hest are meeting them there. Looks like Midland is next."

"I have a couple things for you that the Lord wanted me to get to you once I found ya. But right now, we got a couple priorities. I gotta go see Elmo and get the latest on the Hest movements. You guys gotta storm the keep and free the militia-men in the dungeon and rout whatever is left of the 'borns in Ashkora. I know a hidden way into the dungeons and you guys should be able to handle that on yer own."

Nosh quickly sketches out a rough map showing a sally-port on the keep. He then glances out the window, "I'll be back, but looks like you got some to deal with here right now..." and he turns back into a raven and flies out the door as a unit of dragonborn approach down the street...

Heroes of Enroth - Session #14

After confabing with Nosh, the inn was stormed by Firebelchers and Dragonborn Soldiers. The party beat-feet out the back only to run into a group of lizard-mounted soldiers. They bested them, grabbed their horses and headed for Lord Ashkore's keep. Along the way they encountered a couple more soldiers that had a hunting pack of drakes chasing down citizens of the vale. With the loss of a mount but the saving of the citizens the party finally made it to the keep.

Nosh's instructions and crude map proved correct and they found their way into the keeps dungeon only to find the cells guarded. Brazash handed Julian his crossbow along with a "magic quarrel"... now Julian finds himself at the other end of the long hallway with one guard and the guard Julian fired on finds himself with 5 enemies in close quarters!

The quest to free Ashkora resumes next time!

Heroes of Enroth - Session #15

Here I, Bharash, sit in the cell my brother placed me in and write of the perversion and corruption of our peoples will by the Desert Scourge, Qumandas the Brown.

Though I regret and mourn the deaths and devistation my forces have wrought upon the Vale of Ashkora I still feel pride that it was my tactics and leadership that saw us conquer this land and take its keep. I make no excuses for my success, but I do place the blame of the endeavour upon the machinations and magics of Qumandas.

He was in our heads and our minds, encouraging our thoughts and actions to his service and desires. First, remove Lord Ashkore, second take Midland, third take Osserland and then there would be noone to stand against us. The dwarves hide, the half-orcs bicker, the elves want nothing to do with anyone and the rest of the humans are cowards or of too small a number. Only Belissaria and Isolta could contest, but there were some plans that I was not privvy to.

Originally it was not I who was to deal with Lord Ashkore. My brother, Brazash, was already positioned to betray him, but somehow he managed to escape the mind-control of the Desert Scourge. It was he and his friends who rescued the vale from us, and any Dragonborn blood spilled by them is forgiven, at least by me, in return for the blood we spilled... though there is yet much to be repaid.

I do not blame them for keeping me jailed, and here I am willing to wait for the end of the world, for my crimes under duress are many. I will give them what information I have freely, and hopefully they can stop the tide of war that has begun.

Heroes of Enroth - Session #16

The dragon rumbled softly to itself as it mulled over recent events. It gazed at it's right hand and studied the blood-red stained middle talon from whence it's name came. Ashkore, the "Red Talon". He regretted the death of his human servant Poul Ander's-son, whom he had helped bring the vale to it's height of prosperity and safety using his name as "Lord Ashkore of Ashkora".

But as with all things, death, decay and the slow march of entropy takes all in the end. Time, the eternal enemy of the world, time had caught up with the adamantine dragon and his enemies had once again returned with renewed purpose. Qumandas had reclaimed his control of the dragonborn of Hest and begun his campaign. Virriakai was somewhere doing something but had not shown her hand yet. And Ashkore had assembled his heroes to stop them...

Brazash, the only dragonborn to avoid the mind control of Qumandas with the help of Elindril and a short stay in the Feywild. A leader and tactician who could see the threat, see the solution, and see the preservation of lives not meant to be lost.

Thorlief, bastard son of the lord of Estwaan, brazen and prideful, yet mindful of his duty and brave in the face of deadly odds.

Oris, avenging priest of the Raven Queen, who could see to the deeds the others can not or will not.

Julian, small of stature, large of scope. He sees a grander vista and brings sense where others rush in.

Steven, mad sorcerer and ever hungry for power. Though he seems reckless his methods are effective.

Then there is Bunny, stone strong yet weather wary. Ashkore could sense his troubled mind, and though it meant losing a staunch protector, it was for the best to see him leave the group...

To them Ashkore has given the rings, made of the souls and strengths of ancient heroes tricked by evil magics. And now they must make haste, for war has come, and Time marches on...

Bunny's Epilogue

They think me simple. I think them stupid.

I went with them when they said we would have fun and kill things that needed killing. I never cared that doing so helped people, I cared that I chose to do it. They think I have abandoned them, so be it. I will return home and protect what is mine. They should do like wise.

They think it bad that the dragonborn have been taken control of by a dragon. I say it is worse that they do what a dragon asks. Being forced to fight against your will is not evil. What is? Being forced to fight and being led to believe it is your own choice.

They have been duped and tricked. I along with them. But no more. Let the dragons fight each other, I will have no more part in it.

Heroes of Enroth - Session #17

Lord Elimundas of Wendar listened to his five advisors and their impressions of the group they just met and who he allowed to enter his realm. Qumandas had risen, Virrakai was not far behind. Even if they did not survive the journey to the ancient deeps of the woods, they would prove if the Vile Mist had intentions here again.

"There are things which do not sleep, nor should we. The time is coming and if they should succeed we will know our course."

Things to note from the session:

Alain's character, the Elven Seeker Remus has "joined" the party. There is still some uncertainty around him, and the party has not officially admitted him amongst their ranks (he still does not have a ring... poor guy).

The rings are working out well. I was worried they might be a bit too good, but they seem fine. No-one has yet used a Second Wind so I don't know if the healing power is OTT or not yet, and only 5 are worn so the extra damage power hasn't been available either.

I was hoping for more talky-talky with the elven lords advisors, but it wasn't quite necessary. Sure I could have pulled the "but if we let you go there you could make it worse" card, but considering they have had whatever is there sealed away for nigh 1000 years now... *shrugs* I'm not even sure if what I have placed there is what I want either... seems kinda harsh, and I had to level it down a bit, but come on! It's classic! I've got two weeks to make up my mind though, so we'll see. If not, I'm a bad bad man. :P

Journals end here, though the campaign did continue to the end of the story. Sorry for the abrupt end... Maybe one day I'll write out the rest of the plot outline at least so there is some closure...

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